Knox Box Program

To our Property / Business Owners,

The Newtown Square Fire Company No. 1 has a program in place that we believe will be beneficial to you and your property.  The Knox-Box Rapid Entry System is a secure emergency access program developed for property owners and first responders.  First Responders use the Knox-Box Rapid Entry System to prevent costly entry damage, while protecting property and lives. When a fire breaks out or there is a medical emergency, Knox products allow immediate entry into buildings and properties without forced entry damage or delay, especially when no key holder is present.

Property owner/emergency contact information, entrance keys, utility room keys, alarm system reset tools/ keys, access cards and floor plans can be stored in a high-security Knox-Box mounted near your building’s entrance.  Each Knox-Box purchased by a property owner is keyed to a single master key, coded for and controlled by the Newtown Square Fire Company.  The Fire Company master key is carried securely inside the fire apparatus in a lock-down device opened only by a Fire Officer.

Property owners are encouraged to participate in the Knox-Box program.  There are presently 70+ Knox-Boxes installed in various businesses, apartment complexes, nursing facilities and schools throughout Newtown Township.  To purchase a Knox Box visit: or contacting the Knox Company at 1601 W. Deer Valley Road Phoenix, AZ 85027 /US Phone: 800-552-5669 / Fax: 623-687-2290.

To have your box keyed specifically to the Newtown Square Fire Company No. 1, you must enter the Town (Newtown Square) and the State (PA) or the Agency Name (Newtown Square Fire Co #1).

Once you have received and installed your Knox-Box Rapid Entry Box, you must provide the necessary keys/contents that will be stored in the box and contact the Newtown Square Fire Company to have a representative come out and secure the keys/contents inside your new Knox-Box.

Questions regarding the Knox-Box Rapid Key Entry System can be directed to the Fire Chief by emailing: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Knox Box Program Letter


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