Squad 41

2008 Pierce Velocity cab and chassis, powered by Detroit Diesel Series 60 motor with 515 horsepower with an Allison 5 speed transmission.Cab configuration is set for seating of 6 firefighters. Squad 41 is equipped with a Pierce 1500 GPM pump single stage PTO and a Foam Pro Foam System. Squad 41 carries 750 gallons of water and 50 gallons of Class-A Nation Knockdown Foam.  Squad 41 is equipped with 1500' of 5" supply line, (2) 150' of 1.5" front bumper attack line, (2) 200' of 1.75" attack line, (1) 300’ of 2” attack line,  (1) 300' of 3" attack/supply line, and (1) 150' of 1" forestry line.  A Harrison 30Kw generator powers approximately 13Kw of Scene Lighting, including a 24’ 6 Head Wil-Burt light tower and various hydraulic rescue tool motors. Equipment includes a full complement of (6) MSA Firehawk SCBA, Bullard T3 thermal image camera, MSA Altair 4-gas detection meter, emergency medical equipment, automated external defibrillator, forcible entry tools, miscellaneous hose adapters, miscellaneous hand tools, (4) Portable Fire Extinguishers, electric positive pressure ventilation fan, chain saw, portable lights, search and rescue, and salvage equipment. Squad 41’s vehicle rescue compliment includes Hurst Hydraulic Rescue tools including 32” Spreader, “O” Cutter, Combination Spreader/Cutter, 3 Rams, Simo power-plant with (2) 100' Hydraulic Reels, and an additional hydraulic gas power-plant. Other rescue equipment includes Milwaukee sawzalls, airbag lifting equipment, rescue struts, cribbing and stabilization equipment, ropes and riggings for light technical rescue, Water rescue flotation devices, (2) MSA Rapid Intervention SCBA Packs and a FAST Board Rapid Intervention Rescue device.  Squad 41’s emergency warning lighting package is entirely comprised of Whelen Engineering LED lights.  This unit’s audible warning is comprised of Federal Signal Q2B Mechanical Siren, Powercall Sirens Adam 6 electronic siren, and Grover Air Horns. The unit is equipped with Delaware County and Chester County Radios. (Mobile/Portable)


Squad 41 is first due on all vehicle accidents, vehicle fires, gas or CO leaks, residential or water rescue, and Rapid Intervention Team Deployments. 

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