Three Important Numbers

One of the most rewarding stories shared by the local and national firefighters are the important messages of young children dialing the most import three emergency telephone number 9 1 1.   In describing the importance of having children know the how to summon help in an emergency prompted Newtown Square Fire Chief Doug Everlof to volunteer, “The use of calling 9 1 1 is a proven skill to save both life- and property in emergencies”

Many emergency service providers strongly suggest the initial first step in sharing the use of 9 1 1 is a simple way to dial the three number 9 1 1.  These three numbers are an immediate way to get help. This message should also suggest this is not a toy telephone call but a way to get help from the fire, police, and medical service helpers.

One message that has an important endorsement is telling children the use of 9 1 1 is an important way to “get help” when people might become seriously helped, if there is a fire, crimes, injuries, or sickness.  Adults might also add if a child is unsure whether to call 9 1 1, these three numbers are the best thing to do.  The skilled local staff at the Emergency Call Center are schooled in how to communicate with young callers.

There are adult lessons that help children in being safe.  Children should be taught to never play with matches or lighters.  Adults wearing bike helmets helps teach an important safety lesson for young bikers.  Everyone must buckle up with a seat belt.  Have children “teach” family members the fire lessons learned at school. This can begin with Stop Drop and Roll if anyone has a fire in their clothes. Know the address and any medical problems that might occur.

These three numbers are a simple tool in saving lives. Chief Everlof added, “Teaching 9 1 1 is a simple way to obtain help if a child sees an emergency of any kind. Remember. this message also applies to adults as well.”

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