Do It Now

On Sunday, March 12, the region will undergo a change of time that has an historical path.  At 2 a.m. on March 12, an hour of sleep will be lost.  While some people may complain about the sixty minutes of sleep. What these momentary complainers may forget is this loss of sleep has several forms of safety influence.  As shared by Newtown Square Fire Chief Doug Everlof, “The most important event associated with the time change is the simple suggestion to add a fresh battery to the home’s Smoke Detectors.”

The first decision this time of the year is a wonderful opportunity to make the safest choice—change the Smoke Detector to the more modern, 10-year battery powered safety watchdog.

If this is not the first choice of the time-change season, there is another safety hint.   If the existing, plastic case has “yellowed” with age, that sign of age has prompted Chief Everlof to comment, “That coloring sign of aging plastic case is another sign this detector is near the end of its protective age.”

If there is one additional sign that should help in the motivation of exchanging the older type of Smoke Detector for the newer style.  The combined cost of the older style safety watch dog type Smoke Detector and the cost of batteries over a ten-year period that is the projected life of the now ancient watch dog warning device.

“Now is the time to add safety to the home and family,” added the members of the Newtown Square Fire Company.

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