Check The Dates On Smoke Detectors

The recent time change that ushered in the return of Eastern Daylight Time was a key to alterations to our habits.  For some, complaints about the earlier time of darkness may have been obvious   The Newtown Square Fire Company, along with the nation’s FEMA, stresses there is a companion to this change-of-time activity—the replacement of the Smoke Detector battery in each of the non-newer style “watch dogs.”

Continuing a long-standing, reminder practice shared by the Fire Company, this Century-plus-year old organization of professional service providers is once more issuing its second-in-a-year “Second Chance invitation." Through this reminder, those residents failing to follow the life- and property- saving practice of changing clocks and the powering batteries found in Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide warning devices are putting homes in a danger.

Using a small flashlight, if necessary, look for a very important date the is imprinted in the interior of Smoke Detectors.   This simple task will help determine the remaining life of each Smoke Detector. This imprinted date shares the date of manufacture of each of these warning devices. As a Smoke Detector ages, its effectiveness diminishes over its projected life span.

This interior, imprinted date is the manufacturing date of each date.   National research stresses the effective capabilities of a Smoke Detector lessens as they age.

FEMA’s US Fire Administration states, “Smoke Detectors should be replaced every eight to ten years.”  Chief Doug Everlof added, “If any of your Smoke Detectors are in this age bracket, please install a replacement warning device immediately, using the newer 10-year Smoke Detector.


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