Special Safety Steps

A series of collections of local emergency alerts and a seeming increase in region natural gas leaks, steps have been taken to provide safety stops to protect the crews of the Newtown Square Fire Company.  In a post Easter e-mail messages, Chief Doug Everlof explained the simple, yet safety tools placed in service.

In this electronic message, Chief Everlof advised the crew members the two new safety tools will provide warnings about two individual, single gas levels.  These proven warning devices, tagged as “Crickets” will (a) notify dangerous levels of Oxygen (O2) and(b) Carbon Monoxide (CO) They will respond to the O2 level and CO (ppm).

Each of the two warning devices--”Crickets”-- have specific color identifiers and nomenclatures; (a) Oxygen (O2) visual identity color is Black MSA and(b) Carbon Monoxide (CO) visual coloring is Yellow BW clip

In explaining the new, multiple safety devices, Chief Everlof reminded the crew members “Crickets are not replacements for the current 4-gas meters.  Their simplicity and multiple storage locations will provide additional layers of crew safety when the firefighters are working in various levels.

The initial 4-gas meters will still be used to obtain O2, hydrogen [mono]sulfide (H2S)-an extremely hazardous gas, CO and Lower Explosive Limit (LEL%) levels on emergency incidents of a fire location.

These new, “Cricket” detectors have been clipped to the Officer seat-based Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) in the Fire Company’s Engine, Ladder, Squad and Utility Vehicle (No SCBA), as well as to the 3-Chief Officer’s personal, protective firefighting gear.

Chief Everlof added, “The single gas detectors will run continuously for 24-months and can be thrown away at the end of their life cycle.  There is no need to turn them on/off.  The CO Detectors will prompt you once every 24-hours to "zero" the sensor.”

Everlof continued, “To do this, simply press and hold the single button on the right side of the screen.  The meter will automatically zero out.

Devices of this type are rarely publicized; neither are their funding sources.   The response by the residents, commercial owners, and professional to the annual community funding appeal are the funding sources for safety devices, specific firefighting tools and emergency response apparatus.

Fire Company President Josh Potter volunteered, “Anyone finding a yet-to-be-returned funding request, or wanting to make an additional funding may do so by forwarding funding to the Newtown Fire Company, “Post Office Box 453, Newtown Square, PA 19073-0453.”

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