Code of Conduct


 I will carry out my responsibilities to the highest individual standards
while both on and off duty. I will refrain from conduct and/or language
that would cause embarrassment or disgrace to fellow members and the
company. This means I will treat fellow members and the community with
utmost dignity and respect and fulfilling my duties to the highest level
of professionalism.


I will follow the example set by and directives given by the company’s
leadership, which includes the Line and Board of Directors.

Personal Property & Equipment:

I will respect the personal property of fellow members and the equipment
provided by the company for me to use.

Substance-Free Company:

 I will maintain a substance free environment by refraining from using
and/or under the influence of alcoholic beverages, debilitating drugs, or
any substance which could impair or alter one’s physical, mental, and
emotional capacities while on duty.

Sexual Harassment, Hazing, & Improper Behavior:

 I will refrain from any conduct and/or language, which creates an
environment of sexual harassment, activities of hazing, or improper


I will respect the age, gender, sexual orientation, race, or religious
preference of fellow members.

Adopted October 13, 2008
“For the good of the company”
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