2018 Line Officers

Fire Chief Doug Everlof
Deputy Fire Chief George Guyer IV
Assistant Fire Chief Christopher Young
Captain Brian McNeill, Jr.
Truck Lieutenant Eric Harper
Engine Captain Chris Young
Engine Lieutenant Zach Conan
Safety Officer Joe Brennan
Chief Engineer Rich Heffernan
Assistant Engineers

Karl Keehn
Andrew Monzo
Eric Fedor
John Young

Fire Police Captain Carl Ewing
Fire Police Lieutenant Roland Buccialia
Fire Police Sergeant Nate Glazer
Fire Prevention Officer William Rankin
Public Information Officer L. James Biddle
Training Officer Christopher Young

Executive Officers

President Joshua Potter
1st Vice President Christina Heffernan
2nd Vice President Pete Williams
Financial Secretary Erica Potter
Recording Secretary Vince Mazzotta
Treasurer Joseph Brennan
Past President William Baker

Board of Directors

Chairperson of the Board William Baker
Director Douglas Conway
Director Jean Bail
Director Andrew Monzo
Director Christopher Young
Director Ryan Singleton
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