Walking safely is healthy

With temperatures somewhat warmer than the traditional autumn temperatures, there are still impressive numbers of exercising walkers. This observation has prompted Newtown Square Fire Company Assistant Chief –EMS Lisa Migliori to remind walkers of some simple, yet important walking rules.

The lessons of always walking against the flow of vehicular traffic are as wise for adults as it was when they were children. “Being able to see oncoming vehicles is an important ingredient in walking safety,” stresses Migliori.

Another observation about walking safety is the choice of clothing. With both the change of time and the season’s earlier darkness, the only wise choice of clothing is that which is easily seen. Migliori also adds, “There are available small, flashing lights that walkers can wear. These devices go more step in helping walkers be seen. Lacking one of these lights, a simple flashlight is a valuable tool in being seen.”

Being “accompanied” by music is one way to help pass the time while walking. While this concept may be acceptable for walking around running tracks or malls, it is very unsafe when walking on streets and sidewalks.

Excising is indeed very healthy, but Newtown Square Assistant Chief Migliori reminds walkers that being safe should always be the primary goal. Being seen and being able to hear are good steps for safety.

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