Safe floor installed

The Newtown Square Fire Company proved that proper planning is the first step for success. This philosophy was demonstrated as the November 7 election day approached. Influenced by accumulation of the necessary funding and the work schedule of contractors, a tight timing schedule was met when the local firefighters replaced a former flooring within the Newtown Square Fire Company station.

Throughout this process, the hollowness of a garage-like facility in the ground level of the Fire Company was reminiscent of the sights and sounds only replicated during an “all hands in service” fire.

In discussing the project, President Robert Blithe outlined the reason for the new flooring that needed to be completed in time for the election. For years, approximately 50 percent of the Newtown Square Fire Company’s apparatus area has been used as a neighborhood polling area.

The safety aspects of the approximately half-century floor motivated the need for a new surface. In addressing this need, President Blithe stated, “We made several previous attempts to find a surface that would meet our needs for vehicle movement and parking as well as the walking, and often running areas of the concrete surface.”

Spawned by the condition of the original flooring material, previous attempts at providing the desired proved to be only short-lived. Blithe added that through a milling of this older floor surface and a follow up special coating, it is felt the new coating will meet the desired safety needs. “The last thing we want to have happen is a falling accident by responding firefighters,” stressed President Blithe.

This new floor surface did not go unnoticed by several voters in the recent election. The color scheme will become a foundation for other interior tasks being planned by the Newtown Square volunteers. One of these voters very wisely commented, “I am sure you want your fire station to look nice. You seem to be at your fire house enough hours that I am sure you want to feel at home here.”


The milled floor was coated a foundation material, which was then coated with a traction material. This process provided the needed safety for apparatus and personnel

The final step in the floor preparation at the Newtown Square Fire Company was the abrasive-resistant coating and paint. The end result is a floor exhibiting both safety and a pleasant appearance.

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