Post Halloween suggestions

With the rush of Halloween a fading memory, Newtown Square Assistant Chief-EMS Lisa Migliori has offered a suggestion to families that still have a collection of sweet treats. Migliori volunteered, “The body, both young and mature, really do not need to have a prolonged menu of candy and sugar-enriched items. The Fire Company suggests a return to a more moderated ‘dose’ of sugar.”

This suggestion is spawned by several factors. Assistant Chief Migliori joins other health care professionals in the ongoing warnings about eating too many candies and foods enriched with sugar.

The problems of the potential for diabetes and the national theme of battling trends leading to possible obesity become a part of the suggestion to collect and meter out the remnants of the Halloween candy collection.

Migliori suggested, “Through a careful distribution of these sweet treats, the candies will become just that, a treat. As a reward for accomplishments or an occasional diet supplement the risks of exchanging candy and other Halloween goodies, the danger of eating candy instead of a well-balanced diet will be eliminated.”

Nowhere on any form of a food pyramid is there a space for the intake of the potential amount of candy that accompanies the post Halloween period. Including her suggestions, Assistant Chief Migliori stressed, “ Good foods, such a fruits and other flavorful items are a healthy substitutes for the collection of sugar treats.”

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