Seeing better is being safer

While the daylight is getting longer each day, there is no way to avoid using the headlights.   Chief Doug Everlof asked a question for which he had a season answer.  Newtown Square’s fire chief asked, “Have you noticed you can not see as far as you have in the past?”

The answer from many busy drivers is, “NO.”

The seasonal reason for the reduced vision is probably dirty headlights.

Chief Everlof praised those vehicle manufacturers who have made available wipers for the headlights.  He added, “Many times, our busy schedules help prevent the simple effort of manually cleaning the headlights.  The accumulated collection of road dirt and salt creates a form of a mask the cuts down on the light being projected onto the road and the areas adjacent to the streets and roads.”

The simple preventative task will only take a minute.  The result will be added driving safety.   Not only will vehicles be more easily seen, the added light may illuminate deer or children at the edge of the driving area.

“Cleaning head lights should be an ongoing task. A simple task that will help make driving less stressful and safer,” concluded Chief Doug Everlof. 

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