Governor echoes prepared comments from Newtown Square Fire Chief

In a surprise move as the weekend approached, Governor Edward G. Rendell took time on Friday, February 23 to remind Pennsylvanians to be prepared for another potential winter storm that is forecast to approach the commonwealth. Earlier on Friday Newtown Square Fire Chief Doug Everlof issued a similar warning.

Chief Everlof’s message focused on the need to make all fire hydrants visible.  The combination residential snow blowers, shoveling, and street plowing can easily bury a fire hydrant. Should there be an emergency, the time spent by firefighters to dig out a buried hydrant can be time that could save a life.”

While the firefighters have the knowledge of the general hydrant locations, a well-shoveled hydrant is much easier to use the one that must have the snow removed before it can be use.

In making his appeal, Newtown Square’s fire chief stress the importance of teamwork between the emergency service providers and the public they protect.  Everlof remind the community that, “. . . . fire protection is a team effort during the winter.   Please help us so we can better help you.”


While partially buried, finding such a hydrant during emergency conditions can prove to be time consuming. When shoveling the walk, also shovel out the nearby fire hydrant.

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