Upcoming Holiday safety suggestion

The Newtown Square Fire Company long ago realized that Special party events could become a cause for potential safety concerns.  The upcoming St. Patrick’s Day with the possibility of a prolonged, Saturday party venue adds to these safety concerns.  Embracing a weekend and becoming a way to defeat the “pains” of winter also add to these safety concerns.

Assistant Chief –EMS Lisa Migliori explains that this upcoming holiday is one of a group of several high energy events that generates the drinking and driving risks that have a poor track record for safety.  Other events that join the March 17, St Patrick Day party events are New Years and Super Bowl.

Migliori cited that many things done by partygoers influence the body’s absorption of alcohol. The two greatest contributors to the alcohol level experienced by partygoers are the number of alcoholic drinks and the time span in which they are consumed.  Newtown Square’s EMS leader added, “One sure way to avoid the dangers of drinking and driving is to avoid alcoholic beverages. To aid in finding alternative drinks, the Newtown Square Fire Company has assembled a collection of tasty alternative drinks.  We suggest that these drinks become the beverages of safety.”

This collection of alcohol-free drinks can be easily found on the Newtown Square Fire Company Web page.  Assistant Chief Migliori advised safe party participants to visit the local Web site at www.nsfc.org

Safety is no accident.  By planning ahead and making sure that the trip home is done without the unsafe practice of drinking and driving begins with plans that avoid alcoholic beverages.

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