This is good ICE

In July 2005, the Newtown Square Fire Company shared a concept that had been provided by an English paramedic. During emergencies, police and fire personnel often use a cell phone’s “telephone book” to find the name and phone numbers that may help them.

Adapting the concept of using this list for an emergency spawned the introduction two years ago of a concept whose application continues to be valid. With hopes of transforming the acronym ICE, emergency medical providers on both sides of the Atlantic hope to introduce a simple, but effective emergency tool.

Newtown Square Assistant Chief -EMS Lisa Migliori explained the concept introduced by the Cambridge, England-based paramedic has made its way to North America.  The simple entry of ICE, In Case of Emergency permits the entry of an emergency contact number without divulging a large amount of private information.

Following a series of incidents last year where Bob Brotchie and his East Anglian Ambulance National Health Service Trust colleagues were stymied by the ongoing struggle to obtain contact emergency data from ill or incoherent patients.  ICE was born and this simple entry in a Cellular phone has aided emergency providers provide prompt, meaningful assistance.

In explaining the Newtown Square Fire Company ongoing campaign, Migliori volunteered, “This is a concept that needs to be shared. By establishing a national ICE program in America, we can aid by launching a regional, and hopefully a national campaign. Campaign.  With continuing growth of cellular phone, more than 233 million cell phones for a national population of 301 million, there is no better form of emergency notification. “

These steps begin by typing the acronym ICE followed by a contact name (for example, ICE Mother or ICE David, or some other name) into the address book of the cellular phone.  Next, save this number in your phone list and also remember to tell your ICE contact that they are an emergency contact.

In concluding her introduction of ICE, Newtown Square’s Lisa Migliori stressed, “With so many entries in the normal cell phone listing, the addition of ICE makes it easy to know whom to call.  More than one ICE entry is a good practice.  Help us so we can help you.”

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