Winter Safety

The prolonged warmer temperatures that hint of the last days of summer or early fall can easily prompt a dangerous, seasonal neglect to the safety and efficiency of the home’s heating system.  Newtown Square Fire Chief Doug Everlof reminds residents, “A simple act of forgetfulness or procrastination because the weather is not yet “winter-like” can prove to be unhealthy and dangerous.

The longer the hesitation to arrange for a heating system checkup, the greater the risk that a scheduled, professional inspection and any necessary repairs may not be able to be accomplished before the prolonged home heating begins.   In addition to the possibility of increased operating cost, the motivation to assurance there will be no dangers of carbon monoxide leaks can all be motivators.

Chief Everlof has reminded residents, “The potential life-threats from carbon monoxide—the silent, odorless potential killer—should be the only nudge that anyone should ever require to make sure a heating system is working properly and can be dependable and safe for the current heating season.“ As a safety ‘parachute,’ Newtown Square Fire Chief added a reminder that properly installed and working CO Monitors should also be installed near each of the resident’s sleeping areas.

Prevention in all the many aspects of daily living is a key element in each of the many facets of community protection that are routinely addressed by the Newtown Square Fire Company.  Each of these activities are the daily responsibilities of the firefighters and officers that are the Newtown Square Fire Company.  These dedicated neighbors are not alone in this effort. Chief Everlof added, “Safety must also be addressed by the entire community we protect.”

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