Christmas Activities and Safety

Christmas is a time for church events and services, the annual December 4, St. Albans tree lighting ceremony, and the two nightly visits to Newtown Township by Santa.  The 2016 visits, as shown in the accompanying map, will begin at dusk on Friday, December 16 and Saturday, December 17.

In keeping with generations of appropriate safety standards, children, accompanied by adult supervision, are reminded to never go into the streets. Local firefighters, acting as Santa’s helpers as thy dispense the candy accompanying our North Pole visitor.

Chief Doug Everlof, once a holiday recipient, reminds parents, grandparents and other adult helper of the firefighter’s reminder, “Please stay on the lawn. To assure safety, we will come to the children.”

In another Christmas theme, the firefighters have several holiday safety suggestions.   Extension cords, both those used for inside and outside lighting sets must never be overloaded. As the final stages of planning and installation, some base math and easy math must be used. Add each of the individual electric demand figures, expressed in watts or amps, and never exceed the safety figures on the supplying extension cord.

This safety standard applies for both interior and outdoor lighting sets.   In a special indoor safety reminder, Chief Everlof stressed, “Never run any extension cords under rugs; these cords must never be nailed in place; a misplaced nail can be an invitation to afire-stating short.”

Newtown Square firefighters are hopeful no one will even think of the once-ancient holiday practice of using lighted candles on Christmas tree.  Even those trees properly secured in a safe, water-containing device will burn when near a flame.

Candles, both for the decorations and aroma, are a danger that must be given special, safety attentions Keep children and pets away from any burning candles.   “It is wise to have pets secured in a room that can be secured when a candle or candles or burning.

If the seasonal temperatures permit, it could be a fireplace may add to the festive mood.  Just like candles, fireplace safety demands “anything that has burned” is properly extinguished before bedtime. To be doubly safe, have two people make this safety check.

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