Saturday Night Fire

As many residents of Newtown Square’s Larchmont neighborhood were either thinking about bedtime or watching late Saturday night television on December 10, a series of events altered lives and properties on both Northwood and Barren Road.   Calls to the Delaware County Fire Dispatch at approximately 11:16 p.m.  told of afire whose flames were visible more than a block away.

As apparatus of Newtown Square’s and Broomall’s Fire Companies approached the reported Northwood, near Dutton Drive location, their radio messages echoed the initially reported information supplied to the Delaware County 9 1 1   These initial fire ground reports added the heavily involved fire was in a building located at rear of the property,  

This on-scene report validated the initial dispatch including fire crews and apparatus from Upper Providence’s Rose Tree Fire Company and a specialty-service Rapid Intervention Crew from the Media Fire Company.  Also included were medical crews from Riddle Hospital. As these initial firefighters approached the fiercely burning structure, they found the intensity of the seemingly well-fueled fire had ignited a parked car and had begun to melt the siding of the adjacent residence.

This heat and flames from this building at the rear of the Northwood property across the property border to ignite a nearby building belonging to a Barren Road neighbor.

The amount of post-extinguishing activities, including overhaul, also included working with the Newtown Township Fire Marshal in his routine investigation. These responsibilities prompted a cooperative request for the dispatch of a ladder truck from Haverford Township’s Brookline Fire Company and a pumper from West Chester, Chester County.  While staged to respond from the Newtown Square Fire Company, they performed cover-up services for emergencies in both Newtown and Marple Townships.

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