Even This Short Month Has Dangers

Rarely does any date have as much impact as February 2.  This date has once more begun a seasonal conversation based upon Punxsutawney Phil’s shadow.  This year, the collection of television and radio weather crews have begun the 2017 discussion about the accuracy of this year’s winter projection.

One of the seasonal events that has a negative impact with a projection of a prolonged collection of cooler temperatures begins with candles and their applications.  Candles have many uses and in their applications, are events associated with emotions and festive events.  Citing an upcoming event Newtown Square Fire Chief Doug Everlof added, “Not far away is the festive February 14, Valentine’s Day.”

The local fire leader quickly added, “Never place any candle or flame anywhere near anything that can burn. This includes anything that burns. These items can include cloth decorations, curtains, or other flammable items or children and their toys.”

Firefighters also stress the importance of have candles burning in homes with pets.  Their tails, fur, and curiosity all become sources of far too many neglected fires started with contact with nearby candles.

Safety is planned and practiced.  This concept was volunteered by Fire Chief Everlof in his February discussion about the seasonal safety suggestions for February. By adding safety to this shortest of 2017’s months, homes and area families are promised the future for the rest of the year.

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