Be Sure to Complete Safety Steps Before Spring Cooking

As the area weather ‘talkers’ begin the invitations to enjoy the possible beginning of spring weather, the Newtown Square Fire Company has issued a safety warning.  Chief Doug Everlof warns that there are simple safety steps for gas-fueled cooking devices

Even thinking about the fuel level, the first of the simple safety steps begins with a simple visual inspection as the cooking system.   This first step provides a look at the flexible tubing, the solid tubes, and any cracks or loose fittings.

Newtown Square’s fire chief has added some protective guidelines.  Everlof stressed, “The first steps in testing this gas-fuel outdoor cooking area begins with a safe testing area and with the protective aid of a cell or home-cordless phone.”

When this fuel delivery system passes the “dry” visual test, the next safety suggestion assures an additional safety test. This next trial must also be done outdoors, away from the home, car, and people.

Chief Everlof added more, “Please continue to stay away from people and property.  Use a soap and water solution (half dish washing soap and half water) and coat all containers, tubes, pipes. valves, and connections that carry the cooking gas.  Finding any bubbles, immediately turn off the gas container valve. . .. and leave that area.”

In a final test, any unusual flame patterns at any of the burners may also be an indication that there may be a partial blockage in the gas-fuel carrying pipes and plumbing.  This pattern is common when insects have used this gas-carrying pipe and tubing for seasonal home. These insects and their home residue must be removed for safe gas cooking

If the removal of the insect remains appears to be difficult, home cooks are reminded of two suggestions.  One hint is to be patient and pursue. If not successful in this task, swallow personal pride and find a specialist to clear the “plumbing” of the insect residue.

Cooking devices must be inspected from time to time to assure no new problems return.  Safety is an important ingredient in all outdoor activities “By paying attention to outdoor cooking tools, the fun of outdoor activities will continue to be a good experience,” added Chief Everlof.

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