Looking Ahead

Both during their firefighting activities and in every possible community communications, the Newtown Square Fire Company members are attempting to find ways to share ways to help prevent fires. There are several damages in largely every fire.  One danger is the loss of lives and another is the loss of many differing forms of life habits and valuable possessions.

Newtown Square Fire Chief Doug Everlof volunteered one form of record keeping within a home or a business begins with an item-by-item inventory.  “How can this list be prepared?” This may be a question asked before a list of this type is begun.

One method of creating this type of list can become a family project. One person describes each item with many details as possible.   If this item is recent, there can be a copy of a sales receipt. The list dictated by the viewer can then be written by another family member.

Newtown Square Fire Chief Doug Everlof added another concept, “As more and more cellular phones can accept a spoken description, this information can be printed, stored, and shared. “

Regardless of whichever form of descriptive method is used, the local firefighters remind their neighbors, it must be constantly upgraded and maintained. Equally important is method chosen for safe storage of any methods used for information storage.

Some items may need special storage after they are listed.  Chief Everlof added fur coats or other expensive items that may require refrigeration or other items that may require secured storage.  Their listing must include where they are being kept.

Any future items that are ‘special’ or important should have sales receipts showing an appropriate description and prices.  These items must be included in the ongoing lists of items.

This inventory list must be stored in a special, safe location.  Only rarely does this valuable list need immediate sharing.  Share with family members where this list of valuable information is stored.

Chief Everlof explained, “This project is a special contribution in total family safety.”

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