Command 41-8B

2014 Ford Interceptor Utility vehicle, powered by a 3.7L V6 Ford engine delivering 304 horsepower to the vehicle’s all-wheel drive drivetrain. Cab configuration is set for seating of 5 personnel.  41-8B is equipped with emergency medical equipment, automated external defibrillator, (2) Delaware County and (1) Chester County mobile/portable radios, MSA Firehawk SCBA, Live Mapping / Pre-plan Program via the on board tablet and a Case Commander Incident Command System.  41-8B’s emergency warning lighting package is entirely comprised of LED lights.  This unit’s audible warning is comprised of Federal Signal electronic siren.


41-8B is primarily the Assistant Fire Chief’s command vehicle. Other uses are transportation of additional personnel or equipment to an emergency scene, as well as utilized by members for training classes. 

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