Danger To Be Avoided

In addition to the dangers from fires and damages that have their origins from non-professional fireworks are injuries felt by children “playing” with the seemingly innocent handheld sparklers.  Why do the young eyes enjoy the enhancing, glowing vision?  The curious children, as well as their family, are not aware these dangerous, burning temperatures of these dangerous “sparks” of hot, burning metal particles of sparkler’s glowing material have serious dangers..

A burning sparkler produces injuring, hot materials that have temperatures in the same ranges of a burning candle or a ignited match.  These glowing “sparks” can cause painful, possible long-lasting skin burns. Equally dangerous is the igniting of clothing.

The simple safety slogan taught to school-age students has hopefully been either remembered by parents from their own school days or more recently shared by school-age children.  This safety message, “Stop!  Drop! And Roll!” Is a wise safety tool that works for people of any age..

A secondary safety tool that should wisely accompany any type of fireworks is a bucket of water.  The wet contents can provide cooling and extinguishing of small, nearby burns. Also, at the end of any use of sparklers, use this water bucket to cool and extinguish any remaining burning temperatures.

Using a nearby cell phone, immediately call 9 1 1.   This form of immediate help that is provided by on-location, medical providers is a wise, emergency step.  Never attempt to use any alternative, home-provided hospital transport for any burns or injuries.

When making any determinations about the use of sparklers, the Newtown Square Fire Company has a safe alternative.  Chief Doug Everlof offered an alternative too for holiday type fun when he suggested, “Avoid using sparklers and wisely use the long lasting ‘glow sticks.’  They don’t use fire and they last for hours.”

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