Knowing the Meaning of Signs

As the summer months become a time for driving vacations or other travels, it is a common practice that s local-based driver may be faced with some roadside signs that are not instantly determined. The Newtown Square Fire Company advises, “If these travels are outside the United States, there will possibly including metric measures and speed indications.”

Triangular signs are commonly used to draw attention to special warnings and indications of possible hazards or nearby threats.



Highly Flammable Liquid Sign

Danger Highly Flammable Gases Sign

Danger Solvents Sign

Sulfuric Acid Sign

Danger Highly Flammable LPG Sign

Highly Flammable Store Sign

Danger Caustic Sign

Dangerous Chemicals Sign

In addition to the signs, above, in this listing, there are other Informative Signs available.

Flammable Gas Sign

Corrosive Sign Risk Sign

Danger Highly Flammable Material Sign

Danger Acid Sign Dangerous When Wet Sign

Entering a hazardous area Sign

Flammable Sign

Risk of Corrosion Sign

Ammonia Sign

Hazardous area Sign

Biological Hazard Sign

Danger Corrosive Sign

Compressed Gas Sign

Danger Toxic Sign

Hazardous Waste Sign

Dangerous Fumes Sign

What began as a symbol for poisons — the Skull and Crossed Bones — was viewed by many as being ineffective.  An alternative Poison signage has become very informative

The facial image of Mr. Yuk promptly tells the proper message.



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