Follow the Message

As many workers were driving to work or when travelling later Wednesday, July 5, they learned the news telling of a preventable fatality in a Bensalem, Bucks County fire.   In the broadcast of this morning news story and carry-over coverage in the midday television and daytime news, there was a special message often heard by Delaware County residents.

The message shared by the Bensalem fire official duplicated a life-safety suggestion offered many times by Newtown Square Fire Company Chief Doug Everlof.   The life of the 39-year-old, Bucks County resident was lost in the fire because she re-entered the burning home to rescue a pet.

Chief Everlof has many times volunteered, “Please remember the important saying in any kind of fire—Get Out, Call Out, and Stay Out.

Once out of a fire area, everyone must avoid the temptation to return to a burning area.  Many lives have been lost in attempts to rescue lives of family members, friends, or pets.  It is common to learn the feared-lost people or pets will have made their way out of the building.

A companion reminder has again been shared by Chief Everlof.  He volunteered, “Whenever the above safety message is shared, always go and stay at an established, reinforced safe, special, and four-season meeting location.”


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