Past Apparatus

Command 41-8-2001

Thursday, 18 January 2007 07:49

ImageCommand Vehicle 41-8 is a 2001 Chevrolet Suburban. Equipped with 2- 500 mHz. Delco Fire Radio's. (front and rear console) 1- Chester County 800 mHz. portable radio, Nextel cellular phone, command console in the rear with ICS board for tracking emergency incidents. Complete set of ICS Vests & ICS tactical assignment boards, Accountability Tracking System, 1-MSA High Pressure SCBA, On-board laptop computer equipped with Hazmat, fire reporting and GPS capabilities.


2002 -- Horton > Rehab 41 / Ambulance 41-7

Thursday, 18 January 2007 07:52


Rehab 41 is a 2002 Ford/Horton Ambulance. The vehicle is PA state certified as a Basic Life Support Unit. This unit has the capability of transporting two patients. Various medical equipment is carried on board including oxygen, immobilization devices and a state of the art Automated External Defibrillator.

Unit was previously Ambulance 41-7, and was changed to 41-8a in August 2007 to be utilized for Special Services before becoming Rehab 41 in August 2008.


1999 -- Life Line > Ambulance 41-7A

Thursday, 18 January 2007 07:52


41-7A 1999 Ford / Life Line Ambulance. 41-7A is capable of handing the most serious trauma patents. This unit is equipped with an extensive supply of splints, trauma dressings, back boards and MAST trousers, the Emergency Medical Technician can aggressively care for the sick and injured. This Vehicle is one of the newest members of our fleet.

Unit sold on August 2007.


1996 -- KME Rescue Pumper > Rescue 41

Thursday, 18 January 2007 07:48

ImageRescue 41 is a 1996 KME rescue pumper that was designed and equipped to handle motor vehicle accidents as well as contribute to the firefight at structure fires. The extra long four door cab with raised roof provides ample space for crews to prepare for an incident as well as rehab in the climate controlled area as needed. A command module in the crew area also provides the Incident Commander with a large work station to handle incidents and provide an elevated all around view through the raised roof windows. The unit is equipped with a Hale QSMG 1500GPM single stage pump. The pump is outfitted with a Feecon Around The Pump (ATP) foam system for handling of hydrocarbon spills and fires. The vehicle carries a complement of 750 gallons of water and 40 gallons of Class B foam. The body of the apparatus carries a full complement of Hurst rescue tools powered by a Simo unit with dual reels as well as a back up gas unit. A full array of hand tools, stabilization and hazard control tools complete the rescue inventory and provide firefighters with a formidable arsenal to handle the most challenging rescue situations. The apparatus is also equipped for firefighting and is the initial response rig for RIT assists. The apparatus has two 2? crosslay preconnects of 200? and a rear 300? preconnect of 2? hose. A front bumper preconnect with drop down flooring makes quick work of vehicle fires. In the event a water supply is necessary, 800? of 5? LDH and 400? of 3? handles the task of tapping into another water source.

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1992 -- Pierce > Engine 41-3

Thursday, 18 January 2007 07:44

Image 41-3 is a 1992 Pierce. This unit is equipped with 750 gallon water tank, 2000 gallon per minute pump and 2500 feet of 5" large diameter hose. This unit has a powerful 8V92 Detroit Diesel engine which assists us in reaching the outskirts of our response area. Because of the extra water carried on this unit, engine 41-3 responds first out on building fires in Willistown Twp. Engine 41-3 also carries the second set of "Jaws of Life" for vehicle rescue operations.