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Simple Thinksgiving food suggestions

Written by L. James Biddle Friday, 18 November 2011 00:00

If there is one simple theme for Thanksgiving, food would easily be the focus for this American holiday.  As a provider of safety services and safety ideas for nearly 100 years, the Newtown Square Fire Company, is proud to continue it community safety suggestions.

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Not fall but leaves are already dangerous

Written by L. James Biddle Friday, 09 September 2011 00:00

While bread and butter, eggs and toast, and other combinations are a welcomed part of daily living for many, there are some combinations that are dangerous.  The Newtown Square Fire Company has recently highlighted one of these dangerous couplets.  Leaves and storm drains have been known to produce several dangerous events.

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Put them where they belong

Written by L. James Biddle Friday, 02 September 2011 00:00

The relaxation of summer may be decreasing of some. Yet, there are still examples of summer practices that show no signs of going away.  An EMS-based member of the Newtown Square Fire Company cringed he saw a front seat passenger alternately resting first one foot and then two feet on car’s dashboard. This is also a similar posture with one leg sticking out of the-open window.

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The past and the future (more of the past)

Written by L. James Biddle Friday, 26 August 2011 00:00

The average resident of Metro Philadelphia used to say, “Earth quakes don’t happen here on the East Coast.”  Events from early last week have changed the thinking of these formerly ill-informed residents. 

While the epicenter was located near somewhat distant Charlottesville, Virginia, almost every area within the Metropolitan Philadelphia had a collection of earthquake stories to tell.

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TIme for changes colds and the flu

Written by L. James Biddle Thursday, 18 August 2011 00:00

When “the school bells ring,” many habits will change.   Possibly earlier to bed and not sleeping as late. Reduced “fun” time.  For students, this list seems to never end.  There may be one area that members of the Newtown Square Fire Company hopes will become reinforced.

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What to take to college

Written by L. James Biddle Monday, 08 August 2011 00:00

Some college students are leaving home for the first long period of time.  These students may need some guidance or help in selecting items to take to school. Other students are returning as veterans. Lisa Migliori, who as a Newtown Square Assistant Chief --EMS, was the former head of Newtown Square Fire Company Ambulance.   It was during this tenure there was created a short list of health items for both groups of students. This list is based upon shared personal experiences and observations.

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A household appliance parallel with today's heat

Written by L. James Biddle Thursday, 21 July 2011 00:00

It is not the intent of the Newtown Square Fire Company to explain how specific appliances function.  This group of trained, experienced volunteers has as its century-plus history the simple mission of saving lives and property. Borrowing from its own corporate thinking, prevention is an important part of this group’s responsibilities, there is a seasonal parallel between an appliance and the current heat dangers.

One of the newer forms of cooking becomes a tool in the safety mission of the firefighters.  This newer generation of cooking, the convection oven, creates a more thorough, shortened cooking time because the heat is transferred through the movement of air within the oven.

Explaining why the Newtown Square Fire Company’s safety suggestions has the appearance of a cooking class, Chief Doug Simpson stated, “With the long spells of higher than normal, and surely higher that wanted temperatures, there are increasing numbers of people who have unknowingly created a convection oven environment in their living areas.”

Explaining this parallel, the practice of closing windows in an attempt to keep the outside air from entering the room, an oven-like atmosphere is being created.   When a fan is added to a closed room, the result is a large and dangerous convection oven being created in the attempt to keep cool.

“By opening a window at the top and bottom while using a fan, a safer circulation of air will help prevent the dangers of a super-heated room becoming a possibly fatal convention oven in the living area,” stressed Chief Simpson.

A walk in a cooled mall with a stop for a drink of water is an even better suggestion.   Newtown Square’s Fire Chief also advised to avoid alcohol and caffeine coffee and tea drinks.  They are drinks that rid the body of its needed, life-sustaining fluids.

“Some summer, life-saving programs also suggest that the water should be cool, but not iced. The super cooling from ice can cause the stomach to cramp, causing extreme discomfort,” added Chief Simpson in this simple, but effective review of ideas to keep safety in the summer cooking activities.

Choices for life

Written by Web Master Wednesday, 06 July 2011 00:00

A fatal car crash in Chester County on Sunday, July 3 once more  proved that drivers far too often display one or more of the collection of the identities of ignorance, indifference, or invincible.  In reviewing this accident, a veteran member of the Newtown Square Fire Company commented, “These traits are so often used to identify young drivers.  Unfortunately, they are also shared by adults.”

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Read, heed, and practice careful safety

Written by L. James Biddle Thursday, 30 June 2011 00:00

One of the long-standing concerns of the Newtown Square Fire Company deals with shortcuts. A second-place concern is one that deals with ignoring to read the instructions.

A recent event in Arkansas is a dangerous, corporate example where ignoring one or possibly both of these Newtown Square Fire Company concerns resulted in the sickening of more than 170 employees of a nationally-known chicken processing plant.  This preventable incident also resulted in the hospitalization of ten of the evacuated employees.

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Water safety is universal

Written by Web Master Tuesday, 28 June 2011 00:00

Except in the bathtub or shower, there is no greater attraction than children and water.  Seasonally, one of the pleasures of summer is a day at a beach and water. In describing the need for water safety, Newtown Square Fire Chief Doug Simpson stress, “Whether at the ocean or a lake, water safety is a must. This important concept of safety is much greater than any fun-potential in the water.”

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